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A new business landscape for law firms and professional service firms

I believe that law firms professional service firms are on the cusp of a new business landscape. The same forces that have shaken industries such manufacturing and IT – are now hitting law firms and professional service firms of all types.

In short, the internet has created a world without borders. While the full ramifications of this "borderless" world are not yet clear, one thing is for sure: clients are now increasingly willing to engage professionals halfway around the world (as long as they have the exact skills required).

This new business landscape raises a big question for every professional: If clients can now choose any expert on the planet, why should they pick you?

In this new business landscape, most of what your prospects will know about you will come from what they read on the internet (since many will be located far away and will not have ever met you). This a major shift from the traditional "old boys club" environment. As a result, the process of business development will fundamentally change. So, what is the secret to success in this environment? It all comes down to this: leveraging the internet to build a reputation as "the" expert in a focused niche of your professional service area.

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