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A Twitter feed in your bio?!


“Have you seen any law firm websites that have a live Twitter feed?”

The question, posted by my friend Gail Lamarche, on the Legal Marketers Extraordinaire’s group on Facebook, sparked a great conversation about Twitter and how attorneys can make the most of it.

The quick answer to Gail’s question is, hardly any. Which is a shame. There’s tons of value from doing so.

I replied to Gail with examples from websites that we developed that include feeds from Twitter directly into the attorneys’ bios (see examples here and here). Then I followed up my response with the following explanation of the benefits of including a feed from Twitter directly into an attorney's bio or practice area section.

  1. Twitter is like a speeding train. Post a tweet now and in moments it’s forgotten – lost in the stream of other tweets. It’s hard for attorneys to tweet often enough to remain high on people’s radar. But, by adding the Twitter feed to their bio or relevant practice area, you’ve created an easily accessible repository of all their tweets – and that repository doesn’t disappear. And as if that weren’t enough, that repository of past tweets is located exactly where potential clients are going to learn more about them – their bio or practice area. (A post we wrote with more info about this: Law Firm Websites and Beyond: How to Win and Retain Business.) Each link or information shared is another bit of reputation-enhancing content that helps potential clients understand the value that they’re able to offer.
  2. Marketing magic happens when attorneys feed their tweets into their bios or relevant practice areas. They give their clients and potential clients a reason to return!
  3. Chances are that the overwhelming majority of an attorney's clients and potential clients either are not on Twitter, or if they are, they’re not following that attorney. But that’s OK because they can see what the attorney is sharing when they visit their bio – and now they have a compelling reason to do so, again and again.

    The best part of all this is that it requires very little time from the attorney to do.

Do you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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  1. Hey there! Just saw this post. If you have not seen it yet, check out our new site and look up Sarah Altschuller or Julia Huston. While we do not have a lot of attorneys tweeting yet, those that do, we will link their tweets to their bio along with their blog posts.

  2. What’s also nice, Robert, is the ability to place a “Favorited” Tweets feed as well, so this could help attorneys determine which Tweets should show up. Favorited Tweets could be important Twiiter conversations they had with key influencers in their practice area, Tweets about speaking engagements, content from others that pertains to their practice area, or any of a thousand other ideas. Thanks for writing about this.

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