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Bring on the New Rainmakers: “The Untapped Middle”


Chances are that your firm has an untapped middle. I’m referring to attorneys who are neither superstar-rainmakers nor laggards. They’re somewhere in the middle. These attorneys occasionally bring in business – and have the potential to develop significant business. But, for whatever reason, they don’t.

In his recent article, “The Untapped Middle,” rainmaking consultant Arthur Levin states that this underperforming group represents one of the “only remaining areas of potential new business growth for law firms.” In his article, Arthur shares techniques he’s learned during his 20+ years consulting to law firms on how to harness the potential of this middle tier. “To ignore this potential does not make good economic sense,” he says.

I couldn’t agree more.

Arthur focuses on how the untapped middle can use networking and social activities to become rainmakers. I think that it is increasingly important that online social media and web publishing be added to the mix.

Not every attorney is a charismatic networker, a wonderful speaker and a charming host. While those skills are still extremely valuable in developing business, they are less important in the new business landscape. In today’s world – one of blogs, podcasts, Twitter and LinkedIn – the edge increasingly goes to people with specialized expertise, a unique perspective and the willingness to share it.

Thanks to the web and social media, an opportunity now exists to create a whole new group of rainmakers – those who don’t necessarily like cocktail parties. Through writing and blogging, for example, attorneys can develop their reputation as experts (and bring in business) without ever having to leave their desks. (Also works well for cocktail party enthusiasts.)

Is it easy? No. It takes effort. But a huge opportunity now exists for those firms willing to think differently.


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  1. Debbie Erder says:

    Great article, Robert! And, so very true that there is this untapped market in the middle.

  2. Excellent post Robert. I couldn’t agree more about the potential of law firms utilizing their “untapped middle”.

  3. I came across this while doing research for an upcoming presentation to Managing Partners on law firm profitability. Having worked with law firms & attorneys for many years, the ones who get Arthur’s message will be the ones who flourish in this new economy. Great find!

  4. fenderbirds says:

    nice article, keep the posts coming

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