ReactJS: The new, new thing for law firm websites.


Every few years a new website technology emerges that is so transformative that it makes earlier websites — those built without the benefit of that technology — look old and clunky.  For example, a decade ago responsive design was unveiled and soon after, all non-responsive sites suddenly looked ancient.

Once again, a new, new thing has emerged that is changing the way that websites look and work. That new technology is called ReactJS (aka React) and it’s fast becoming a standard for web development.

React was developed to enable faster, more engaging websites. In the process of speeding things up, the developers of React removed many of the barriers that had previously limited website designers. And with these barriers removed, website designers and programmers have been unleashed. And the web will never look the same again.

Read our most recent whitepaper where we discuss how React will usher in a new generation of law firm websites that are faster, more dynamic, and more secure than ever before.

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    Thanks for this — I learned a lot from the whitepaper.

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