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Recent Work: Six Websites We Love, and the Reasons Why

We think that 2014 is going to be a sensational year for firms that are well positioned. In fact, when JDSupra asked us to share our thoughts on what the top priorities should be for law firms in 2014, our response was, to “prepare for the coming boom – and get your marketing in order.” (Here’s a link to read our thoughts and the perspective of other consultants serving law firms.) In short — the time has come to shed the recession mindset and get your marketing ducks in a row.

We’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with some forward-thinking firms in 2013 that share this mindset. The below highlights a few that have used their website to successfully position themselves for future growth.

Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer
Why we love this website - The firm is tops in Canada, especially in the oil and gas sector (it has been ranked #1 in Canada for deal count in six of the past seven years). Their new website effectively projects the aspects of the firm that make it special, while accenting them with the firm’s quirky “western” sensibility.

Hinckley Allen (re-launched in 2013 with new brand identity)
Why we love this website - Since the website launched in early 2011, the firm brought on a new CMO and a new Managing Partner. Their arrival was the impetus for a brand refresh (new colors, logo tweak, messaging). The changes were impactful.

Patterson & Sheridan
Why we love this website - Over the past decade, the firm had matured beyond being just a “patent prosecution” shop. They’ve evolved to become “IP strategic advisors” that assist some of the world’s largest technology companies. Their new website and refreshed brand reflect their new position in the marketplace — and give them the tools to grow further.

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Kegler Brown

Why we love this website - Over the past decade, this 80-attorney firm in Ohio reinvented itself as a “global” law firm — and this has worked. We recently helped them overhaul their brand (and build a new website) that would help them compete with much larger firms. (Postscript: within six weeks of launching, the firm credits the website with bringing in a $58 million merger deal.)

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Gilbert LLP
Why we love this website - The firm’s old website had pictures of motorcycles on the home page. They were pretty and reflected the chairman’s passion for riding – but, they didn’t help communicate the firm’s value proposition to prospective clients. The new website makes their message clear: “We are the global leaders in insurance recovery law.” Each design and messaging decision was made to help support that positioning.

Moss & Barnett

Why we love this website - (a) The main pages and the bios make an emotional connection — which is important because the firm found itself increasingly serving clients that reside outside of the upper Midwest, and (b) the CMS makes it extremely easy for the firm’s one-person marketing department to add rich media content like video, radio, PowerPoints and social media feeds, as well as add new bios, practice areas and pages to the website.

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