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Remember me?

Every law firm marketing consultant trumpets the importance of having a good attorney bio. But what does having a “good bio” mean? It means being memorable.

Here are two vital steps toward achieving that:

  1. Position yourself as the expert. Imagine one attorney with a simple one-page resume bio. Now compare that to another attorney who has a multi-page online bio that succinctly tells the story of their experience and how they’ve helped clients, coupled with provocative thought-leadership and other credentialing information like videos, blog posts or testimonials. Whose phone will ring first?
  2. Make a personal connection. Face-to-face meetings should be sought because they help develop strong relationships, and that leads to more business. Unfortunately, because of distance, busy schedules, and a host of other reasons, they don’t happen as much as we’d all like. But an engaging online presence can help. Sharing a bit of personal information goes a long way toward making an attorney more memorable. Here’s an example of how one attorney is doing it.

What’s the formula to make your bio memorable?
Take one ripe, well-defined niche focus, mix it with a handful of well-crafted content that supports your expertise, and then throw in a heaping spoonful of personality.

Sound silly? It sure does. But that little bit of silliness, combined with some worthwhile ideas that are easy to consume, are likely to better communicate what’s remarkable about you, and thus, make your bio more memorable than others. And that’s the point.

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