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What we’re reading: Law Firm Websites and Beyond: How to Win and Retain Business

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In her piece Law Firm Websites and Beyond: How to Win and Retain Business, published on the Hildebrandt Institute blog, Marianne Purzycki wrote a great summary of the recent Hubbard One report Building Relationships with Global General Counsel. The study “highlights the continuing importance of law firm websites as well as the use of newer social media tools.”

Marianne’s summary parses out the best bits of the report, but one part that she highlighted jumped off the page for me.

“In terms of the most often viewed sections of a firm website, survey respondents spent the most time looking at lawyer and staff profiles.”

Not surprising! In a similar study that we did in 2010, we found that 56% of the traffic on a law firm website is accessing the attorney profiles.

It’s clear that attorney bios have an increasingly important role in legal marketing. In light of the above, have law firms gotten the message? Are they beginning to put the appropriate thought (and resources) into improving bios? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Jeff Dennis says:

    These stats are even more tilted in our own web analytics. It’s time for us, as marketers, to stop trying to direct so much traffic to the content we prize most and to shift our strategies to create messaging around where the crowd is gathering already.

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