Whitepaper: Market Positioning for Law Firms

A 23-page guide to differentiating your firm 1 comment

The goal of market positioning is to gain a sales advantage over your competitors by occupying a distinct and advantageous place in the minds of buyers. If done correctly, the dividends are huge. History has shown that well-positioned brands—like Apple, Whole Foods, and Tesla—grow faster and have fatter profit margins than their poorly positioned competitors.

Good market positioning offers benefits to any brand, including law firms. However, getting your positioning right isn’t easy. It requires that you consider lots of difficult questions, like which market segments to target and which ones to cede to the competition. Answering these questions is especially difficult for law firms, many of which have a consensus-driven culture and serve a broad array of client types.

Although market positioning is rarely easy for law firms, it’s certainly possible. Firms just need to use the right approach when attacking the problem. To help firms avoid the pitfalls of market positioning, we’ve written this 23-page whitepaper, which includes

  • A framework to guide your thinking
  • Practical ideas on how to identify and communicate your firm’s positioning

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