Design & Strategy

Great design isn’t just about pretty images. Truly great design is always a reflection of clear market positioning and a clear marketing message. So, here’s our secret to great design: we start by helping you refine your message.

​Discovery & Strategy

We begin the creative process by learning as much as we can about your firm. We ask hundreds of questions about how your firm works (and how it attracts clients).

Once we thoroughly understand your firm’s business, culture and clients — we make several key strategic recommendations about how the firm’s website should look and work. This is where our deep knowledge of the legal marketplace becomes indispensable.

​Mood Board

Before we begin designing your website, we deliver a “mood board” — a mashup of fonts, colors and images that illustrate how your website could look. We then ask you: does it feel right? Clients love the moodboard step because it facilitates a constructive conversation about your website’s design — before lots of time is spent working on layouts.

​Bold Design

We believe in going bold. Your website's design should be inspirational — and clearly distinguish your firm from its competitors.

Request A Demo

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our strategic approach to design. Just reach out to Robert Algeri: 212-699-3684.