“Positioning: The First Step in Differentiating Your Firm” to be presented at LMA19 in Atlanta, GA

LMA19, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Great Jakes Partners Dion Algeri and Robert Algeri will be presenting “Positioning: The First Step in Differentiating Your Firm” at the 2019 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference. The session will address one of the most befuddling challenges to legal marketers: how to differentiate one's firm from the rest of the pack.

The session will explore the value of “differentiation” and how law firms can achieve it through “market positioning.” 

Marketers already know that a well-positioned firm with a clear, concise message is much easier to market and promote than one with a nebulous message. But the catch is that positioning an entire law firm is not easy—and lots of firms have failed at it.

So, how can a general-practice firm position itself for success? That’s what attendees of this session will learn. Specifically, the session will explore

  1. What "positioning" means
  2. Why positioning is essential
  3. Examples of great positioning from outside and inside the legal industry
  4. Overcoming the challenges law firms face when developing a market position
  5. Tricks for positioning a “full-service” law firm (that provides lots of services to many industries)
  6. The need to substantiate your firm’s positioning

The session will expand on information presented at the Marketing Partner Forum in January 2019.