Robert Algeri Delivers an Engaging Presentation on “High Engagement Websites”

Chicago, IL

On September 26, Robert Algeri – partner at Great Jakes – presented “High Engagement Websites: Harnessing technology to make your website sticky” at the 2017 Legal Marketing Technology Conference Midwest.

Robert discussed why it is important for law firms to maximize engagement on their websites. Since visitor interaction is the first step of converting leads into clients, the more time that individuals spend engaging with the firm’s content, the greater the chance that they will pick up the phone and start a dialog.

Robert’s presentation covered a variety of ways in which law firm websites should be optimized to properly take advantage of engagement tools, including

  • Artificial Intelligence – using algorithms to present targeted content
  • Content Teasing – building “suggested content” teasers into every page of the site
  • Integrated Blogs – taking full advantage of the firm’s most valuable content

To learn more about this event, visit Legal Marketing Association's website.