Farella Braun + Martel

The firm: Farella Braun + Martel, a mid-sized Northern California powerhouse law firm

The challenge: Farella Braun + Martel is focused on serving the innovative businesses for which its region is known. The firm needed a website with a distinctive look that would reflect its dynamic culture and help the firm stand out in the Bay Area’s notoriously tough legal market. The firm also sought to position itself as an elite player that is on par with the AmLaw 100 firms with which it competes.   

Brand Illustrations

The website’s design grabs visitors with custom-drawn, edge-to-edge illustrations that appear on the site’s top-level pages.  These illustrations depict the industries that the firm serves, as well as its roots in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Additionally, they help tell the firm's story with impactful graphics, in lieu of text, wherever possible.   

Custom Iconography

The website uses custom iconography to highlight the key industries and client-types that the firm serves. These icons appear on the What We Do page, which is the entryway to information about the firm’s services.

Sidebar Widgets

The website is equipped with Great Jakes’s User Engagement Toolbox. This feature-set allows firms to easily create and manage an unlimited number of sidebar widgets to display content like photos, videos, pull-quotes, calls-to-action, and various types of featured content. These widgets can be deployed in the sidebar area of almost every page of the website and can be easily managed using simple drag-and-drop controls.

Automatic Content Teasing

The website is built with “dynamic content teasing,” an award-winning feature that helps keep visitors engaged by suggesting relevant content. Teasers can be manually curated or set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest related content. Content teasers appear within the sidebars as well as in the Highlights section located in the footer of every page.

List-specific Subscribe Pages

The website allows the firm to create an unlimited number of “subscribe” pages, each for a different publication or email list. For example, the firm’s “Wine Alert” has its own subscribe page that features text and images describing the content that subscribers will receive.

Attorney, Service, and Industry Microsites

The website features Attorney Microsites—a unique approach to lawyer bios that was pioneered by Great Jakes. Attorney microsites are, essentially, small websites for each attorney that fit within the firm’s larger website. Attorney microsites can be customized to the specific business-development needs of each attorney and contain any number of pages or type of content.

For a great example of how the firm is using the attorney microsite functionality, see Sandra Edwards. Our microsite technology was also deployed for the firm’s Services and Industries. For a great example from Services, visit Intellectual Property Litigation, and for a great example from Industries, visit Wine.