The firm: Herrick Feinstein is a 130-attorney full-service law firm headquartered in the heart of New York City.

The challenge: The firm competes with (and regularly faces) some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world. Herrick needed a new website that portrays it as having comparable status, despite being smaller than other top firms.

The solution: The website embraces the firm’s geography to depict it as a leading player in New York City. Since New York is considered a global commercial capital and legal industry hub, this positioning helps convey the firm's ability to handle legal matters on a national and international scale.

Interactive Media Awards

The Herrick website was honored as Best In Class in the Legal category by the Interactive Media Council in 2016

AVA Digital Awards

Herrick.com was honored as a Gold Winner in 2017 by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals


Instead of just using photos, the focal point of the website’s homepage is a full-screen videographic. Footage of the firm’s attorneys was shot in and around Manhattan, including Yankee Stadium and the New York Stock Exchange. The result is a custom videographic that makes an emotional connection while branding Herrick as a dynamic New York City firm capable of handling the most challenging legal matters. The video was produced by Rick Knief.


A new logo was created for the firm, one that is more consistent with the website’s bold, progressive look. The logo’s iconographic approach, unique for law firms, clearly sets the firm apart from its competitors and reflects Herrick’s independent-thinking culture and top-tier status. The logo was designed by Great Jakes, and the collateral was designed by Jose Ortiz.


The website features Attorney Microsites—a unique approach to lawyer bios that was pioneered by Great Jakes. Attorney microsites are, essentially, small websites for each attorney that fit within the firm’s larger website. Attorney microsites can be customized to the specific business development needs of each attorney and contain any number of pages or type of content. For a great example of how the firm is using the attorney microsite functionality, take a look at Ray Hannigan. Our microsite technology was also deployed for the firm’s Services. For great examples, visit Sports and Art.


A comprehensive experience database was built
into the website’s CMS. The database enables the
firm to easily capture, sort and search thousands
of matters. Some of these records are publicly
displayed on the website, though most are
hidden from view. All matters in the database
can be easily exported to Word files for use in
proposals and other printed materials.


To achieve a more modern look and feel, new portrait photos were taken of all attorneys. In addition to showing each lawyer’s unique personality, the new photos capture the stunning, panoramic New York cityscape behind them. To maximize the dramatic effect, the portraits are used edge-to-edge on the website. The portrait photos were shot by Rick Knief.


To encourage and extend user engagement
and trackability, the Herrick website was built
with no dead ends. It uses our “Related
Content” widget, which automatically suggests
additional content that is likely to interest the
reader (and keep them surfing). The Related
Content widget also allows website
administrators to manually select specific
articles to suggest to visitors.


The website achieves maximum visual impact by automatically expanding to fill the screen of extra-wide monitors (up to 1920 pixels wide). This is unlike most websites, which use a lowest-common-denominator approach (1024 or 1200 pixels wide). Given that most of today’s high-end laptops support a width of 1920 pixels, a wider format is a must-have for tech-savvy firms.