​The​ Legal Watercooler Blog prominently mentions Great Jakes research in post about LinkedIn’s new “publishing” feature.

The Legal Watercooler Blog, a blog by legal marketing authority Heather Morse, prominently includes information that Great Jakes had previously published in a post titled: 3 reasons lawyers should “post” to LinkedIn.

Heather's post addresses the new LinkedIn “publishing” feature. With the help of stats that we compiled, Heather makes the case for the value that this new feature offers legal marketers.  

Here is an excerpt from Heather's post:

Robert Algeri over at Great Jakes recently tested it and liked the analytics: LinkedIn’s new blogging platform = massive traffic.

We’d been hearing a lot of buzz about LinkedIn’s new “Long Form Posts” blogging platform – so we decided to do a test. We uploaded a blog post entitled The Disappearing Homepage, which had previously been published to our own blog. And within 24 hours of posting the piece, we saw massive traffic:

  • 5,400 pageviews
  • 131 LinkedIn “likes”
  • 25 comments on LinkedIn
  • Over 500 shares on LinkedIn
  • Over 1,300 people were now “following” our content on LinkedIn
  • 21 tweets (on Twitter, an entirely separate social media platform)
  • 30 Facebook shares (again, a separate social media platform)
  • 12 Google+ shares (again, a separate social media platform)

Convinced yet? Hopefully yes.