“Above the Law” features Robert Algeri discussing website trends

Above the Law, the immensely popular blog about the legal industry, recently hosted an expert roundtable to discuss the evolution of the law firm website. It featured Robert Algeri, a founding partner of Great Jakes.

The roundtable was organized by Guy Alvarez, cofounder of Good2bsocial and The Social Law Firm, featured three law firm website experts. Algeri was joined by Jaron Rubenstein, president of the Rubenstein Technology Group, and Brandie Knox of Knox Design Strategy.

During the online conversation, Algeri shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects. Here are selected quotes:

Next Big Trend for Law Firm Websites

“The next big trend [for law firm websites]: lead generation. Many law firms – even large ones -- are now asking that their websites play a more direct role in generating business. So, websites are in the process of evolving from being brochures – to becoming the most important cog in the firm’s lead-nurturing ecosystem.”


“We need to put this subject to bed. It’s rare for an attorney at a large firm to be hired as a result of a search engine query…Rather, law firms should seek to create websites (and enhanced attorney bios) with content that demonstrates the expertise of the firm and its attorneys. Today, lawyers have an unprecedented opportunity to win new business from people located anywhere on earth – provided that they have made a compelling case that they have special expertise not available elsewhere. You make that case by writing and sharing compelling content. Do that, and SEO will take care of itself.”


“We expect that we will be seeing more law firm blogs and other satellite websites become absorbed within the firm’s larger website. We call this the 'nest' model.”

The Most Important Element of a Law Firm Website

“There are four things that comprise a law firm website: technology, design, content and strategy. Of those four, the most important is strategy. Everything stems from strategy. It will dictate what technology or specific functionality will be required, what the design should aspire to achieve, and what content should appear.

"So, how can a firm craft its website 'strategy'? Start by asking one question: 'How can our new website be crafted to help our firm achieve its business goals?'"

Lead Nurturing

"We advise our clients to craft their content strategies around a particular area of focus, such as a hot 'emerging issue.' If you can consistently produce compelling content around a hot emerging issue, you’ve got a workable content strategy – and you’re on your way to generating and nurturing leads. Then, you can start thinking about using complementary technologies like Marketing Automation, CRM and advanced analytics to create a lead-nurturing ecosystem."


"Whatever you do, please do not start by issuing an RFP. Why? Because they almost always result in the selection of a mediocre agency that’s the 'lowest common denominator.' If you want to work with a dynamic agency, ditch the RFP, and consider this path:

  • Write down a simple, one-page list of your key objectives for the website.
  • Send the document to the various website design firms that you’re interested in working with.
  • Have a conversation with them. And be prepared for them to change the way you look at the project."

The entire conversation, which was facilitated by a new technology called “ReplyAll.me”, can be seen here.