‘Attorney at Work’ covers Robert Algeri’s presentation at LMA Tech Conference

On the Attorney at Work blog, Sayre Happich recently profiled some top speakers at the 2013 Legal Marketing Technology / West conference. One of the presentations was by Great Jakes partner Robert Algeri, entitled "Your Practice Area Pages Are Awful. Should You Care?"

Here is an excerpt from Happich's post:

Out with “Practice Area” Pages, In with “Emerging Issues”

Robert Algeri of Great Jakes Marketing Company says firms should just stop trying to improve their practice area pages and focus on “emerging issues” pages instead. Algeri defined emerging issues as those that

— Are just arriving on your client’s radar.
— Can change the shape of an industry.
— Can be profitable for your firm.

Natural disasters or catastrophic events fall under the emerging issues category. For example, the law firm Nelson Levine has a dedicated web page for emerging issues, and last year rolled out a Hurricane Sandy microsite for its clients. By packaging existing resources into a single location and then pushing out content, the firm was able to position itself as an authority in the disaster.