Beveridge & Diamond Launches New Website

Beveridge & Diamond, the world’s leading environmental law firm, launched a new website designed and developed by Great Jakes. The website’s progressive look and cutting-edge technology enable the firm to properly showcase its unparalleled expertise. Some of the website’s unique features include

  • Brand Refresh – To better establish Beveridge & Diamond as modern and dynamic, a new graphic identity for the firm was created. The firm’s logo was carefully evolved into a version that would work better on digital platforms, without being a dramatic departure. Other changes include new typography and the brightening of the firm's color palette.
  • Interactive Homepage Marquee – The firm felt that the website should convey how environmental law touches all industries. To do this, three animated pins were added to each of the four marquee images, which are in a carousel on the homepage. On click, each pin expands to reveal information about the firm’s capabilities that pertain to the marquee image. Each expanded information section also includes a link to related content within the site.
  • Firm Highlights on Homepage – The bottom of the homepage features an animated firm highlights section, which automatically teases recent firm content. The highlights feature is designed to appear at the bottom of every screen without scrolling, no matter the screen size. To increase the profile of attorneys, the center of the firm highlights teases a different attorney at random, each time it loads. The firm highlights also includes a refresh button that randomly pulls up new teasers with every click.
  • Dynamic Content Teasing – To eliminate “dead ends,” the website is equipped with Great Jakes’s Dynamic Sidebar Tool. This feature allows firms to easily create and manage sidebar content, including “suggested content” teasers that keep site visitors engaged. The suggested content can be manually curated, or the feature can be set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest relevant content.