Beveridge & Diamond website wins at LMA Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Awards, designed and developed by Great Jakes, was selected as the winner for the “Tech Management” category at the 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Your Honor Awards.

This is the third major award for the Beveridge & Diamond website. The award also marks the seventh time that a website designed and developed by Great Jakes has been recognized by the Your Honor Awards.

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The Your Honor Awards is the longest-running annual awards program for recognizing excellence in legal marketing. For 2019, the Legal Marketing Association is focusing on regional awards, instead of having international awards, as they have in past years. Beveridge & Diamond received its prestigious awards during a ceremony at the 2019 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Conference, held this year in Washington, DC.

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Beveridge & Diamond, the leading US law firm focused on the rapidly shifting field of environmental law and litigation, enlisted Great Jakes to create a website that would help identify the firm as nimble, forward-thinking, and on the forefront of the emerging issues affecting its industry.

Unique features of the website include

  • Interactive Homepage Marquee – To convey the breadth of the firm’s competencies, especially around emerging areas of law, an interactive homepage feature was created that allows users to mouse-over hotspots on carousel photos to reveal information about the firm’s capabilities. Each expanded hotspot also includes a link to additional information within the site.
  • Firm Highlights on Homepage – The bottom of the homepage features a Firm Highlights section that randomly teases selected content found deep within the site. The highlights feature always includes one “Featured Attorney” (in keeping with the firm’s focus on people) as well as reputation-enhancing content such as Whitepapers, Case Studies, Articles, and News.
  • Dynamic Content Teasing – The website’s backend is equipped with Great Jakes’s new User Engagement Toolbox. This allows the firm to easily create and manage sidebar content, including “suggested content” teasers that keep site visitors engaged (and dissuade them from making a hasty exit). The firm can manually curate suggested content, or the feature can be set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest relevant content.

Resource Centers for Hot Topics – To demonstrate the firm’s expertise in cutting-edge areas of the law, Great Jakes’s microsite technology was used to create a series of “Resource Centers.” Each Resource Center contains a repository of reputation-enhancing content related to a new or emerging area of law. The firm can quickly launch new Resource Centers via Great Jakes's content management system.

To read a case study about the Beveridge & Diamond website project, click here.