Bloomberg Law Quotes Robert Algeri in Article about Logo Rebranding

In a Bloomberg Law article, Stephanie Russell-Kraft writes about the marketing research efforts and rebranding of the logo of law firm Shearman & Sterling. With the firm's having been around for almost 150 years, changing its logo was a large undertaking—requiring three years of research.

As we’ve said previously, “Any logo that has been used for decades—even if it’s ugly and awful—possesses valuable brand equity. People have come to identify your firm by its look. And they are comforted by its familiarity.”

Robert Algeri, Partner at Great Jakes, is quoted similarly in Russell-Kraft's article: “There’s a lot of equity that has been built up for decades that may get thrown out.” Russell-Kraft then remarks, "Unless a firm is truly trying to signal a change, the investment might not be worth it."

There are exceptions, of course, and Algeri is also quoted as saying, “As firms face increasing competition including now from accounting and consulting firms, a rebrand may make sense to stand out in the crowd.

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