Cordell Parvin included Great Jakes in his article about attorney bios and their importance.

Consultant and legal marketing thought leader Cordell Parvin included links to two Great Jakes blog posts in his recent piece: Your Website Bio: More Important in 2014 Than Ever Before. The article outlines some of the key elements that every attorney bio should include.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Photos: I think they should be in color and not just mug shots. I also believe it is important to dress for success when your photo is taken. It is not a good idea to have the website photos taken after the cocktail party at the firm retreat. It is also not a good idea to use the photographer who does 1000 photos for the church directory or school. Check out this 2010 Great Jakes post with photo examples: Attorney Bio Photos – A Survey of 10 Firms."

Cordell's article also references an article titled, What’s Wrong With Your Law Firm Bio?, which was written by Adrian Dayton. The article prominently mentions Great Jakes and some articles we've written about the importance of attorney bios for law firm marketing.