Dinsmore Launches New Website

Dinsmore, an AmLaw 200 firm with over 650 attorneys, launched a bold new website that was designed and built by Great Jakes. The website’s sophisticated look and cutting-edge technology positions the 100-year-old firm as a national powerhouse. Some of the website’s unique features include

  • Homepage Animation – The homepage features an animated sequence built around the tagline, “Accomplish more.” Engaging, full-frame photos are used to highlight four “power statements,” which encompass the positive and progressive culture of the firm. Great Jakes added fluid movement to these stills to create a dynamic experience that pulls viewers in.
  • Dynamic Content Teasing – The website is equipped with Great Jakes’ new Dynamic Sidebar Tool. This feature allows firms to easily create and manage sidebar content, including “suggested content” teasers that keep site visitors engaged. The suggested content can be manually curated, or it can be set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest related content.
  • Search-Driven Service Navigation – Rather than forcing users to wade through a seemingly endless list of practice areas, the “Services” navigation tab offers a predictive-search field. This feature, combined with our new “Nickname” functionality, allows users to quickly find the service that they want. The Nickname feature associates keywords with a specific practice, without adding to the practice name. For example, a search for “Divorce” brings up results for “Family Law.”
  • Attorney and Service Microsites – The website features Attorney Microsites—a unique approach to lawyer bios that was pioneered by Great Jakes. Attorney microsites are, essentially, small websites for each attorney that fit within the firm’s larger website. Attorney microsites can be customized to the specific business development needs of each attorney and contain any number of pages or type of content. For a great example of how the firm is using the attorney microsite functionality, see Robert Lucas. Our microsite technology was also deployed for the firm’s Services. For a great example, visit Trademark Procurement/Management & Copyright.