Evernote, Apple and Great Jakes — web design done right.

“Good design is the foundation of a website that brings in business.” This is the central premise behind the newest Survival Guide whitepaper from Lawyerist, 10 Things the Best Website Designs Have in Common.

Section 4 of the whitepaper delves into best practices for website homepage design. Three websites are cited for exemplifying homepage design and layout standards: Evernote.com, Apple.com and the Great Jakes-produced bdplaw.com (Burnet Duckworth & Palmer).

Here’s an excerpt from the whitepaper:

“A well-crafted hero-style homepage should result in most visitors…taking the recommended action. And if that action is well calculated…then you should see the results in your firm’s bottom line.”

It’s perhaps no coincidence that Lawyerist also saw fit to name bdplaw.com Best Law Firm Website of 2013.