Great Jakes discusses ‘Top Marketing Priorities for 2014’ with JD Supra

What should be the top priorities for law firms in 2014? Well, that depends entirely on whom you ask, of course. Great Jakes was one of the consultants that JD Supra asked to contribute their thoughts for an article about marketing priorities in 2014. 

Here's an excerpt from the piece by JD Supra:

The good news, from Robert Algeri, partner at Great Jakes Marketing: "The economy is ready to bust out starting in 2014. After five frustrating years, key economic indicators are finally pointing in the right direction. GDP growth could be as high as 3.5% to 4%; home prices, up over 30%, continue to climb; unemployment is down to 7% and falling; and after Congress’ recent agreement to pass a budget, Kiplings, PIMCO, Morningstar and scores of other economy watchers share an optimistic outlook. So what does this mean for law firms? The time has come to shed the recession mindset and get your marketing ducks in a row. But here’s the catch — marketing is not a switch that you can just flip on. It takes time to craft strategies and then execute them. But that’s OK. Starting your efforts now means that your firm will be well positioned for things when they really begin to heat up. We just turned a corner. Let’s prepare ourselves to take advantage of what’s to come."