Moses Singer Wins Gold at w3 Awards

The 2022 w3 Awards named the Moses Singer website a Gold Winner in the “Law and Legal Services” category. Only four law firms received awards this year.


The w3 Awards celebrates digital excellence by honoring outstanding websites, marketing, video, mobile sites and apps, social media, and podcasts, many of which are created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide. The w3 is sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a "Who's Who" of acclaimed media.


Brand Refresh

A vibrant new graphic identity was designed as part of the website project. This initiative included a new logo design, a new color scheme, a new typeface, and fresh imagery. Additionally, Great Jakes worked with the firm to craft a “positioning statement” that encapsulates the firm’s top-level message.

Animated Effects

Stylish animations are found throughout the site to help highlight key information and portray the firm as dynamic and growing. Many of the animated effects are made possible by React, a new front-end website technology, described below.

Built with React

React is a cutting-edge website technology that has quickly become the standard for modern websites. Among its many benefits is that it allows for lightning-fast page loads, elegant page transitions, and improved security, all of which are crucial for law firms. Read our whitepaper to learn more about it.

ADA Compliance

Designed and built to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Moses Singer's website has been optimized for screen-readers (used by blind people), is fully navigable via keyboard (for people with motor disabilities), and is designed to be contrast color compliant (for sighted people with impaired vision).

Automatic Content Teasing 

The website is built with “dynamic content teasing,” an award-winning feature that helps keep visitors engaged by suggesting relevant content. Teasers can be manually curated or set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest related content.

Person, Practice, and Industry Microsites

The website features “person microsites”—a unique approach to law firm bios that was pioneered by Great Jakes. In a nutshell, microsites are small websites for each person (or capability) that fit within the firm’s larger website. Microsites can be customized to fit the business development needs of each attorney, practice, and/or industry group, and they can contain any number of pages or types of content.

For some examples of how the firm is using microsite functionality, see James Alterbaum and Real Estate.

New Attorney Portraits and Marquee Photos 

To achieve a more modern look and feel, new portrait photos were shot for all attorneys. The large, engaging photos are designed to create an emotional connection with website visitors. And the marquee photography was conceived to make just the right emotional connection and convey the firm “in action.” Photos were shot by Michael Meyer with creative direction by Great Jakes.

For more about the Moses Singer website project, see this case study.