Young Conaway

The firm:  Founded in 1959, Young Conaway is the youngest of Delaware’s “big four” law firms.

The challenge:  Young Conaway is the largest full-service firm in Delaware. It boasts formidable national practices in bankruptcy and corporate law, as well as a robust stable of in-state and regional clients. The firm needed a website that would position it as a top-tier player and appeal to both of its constituencies: large national clients with highly specialized needs, and smaller in-state and regional clients with more varied needs.

Interactive Media Awards

The Young Conaway website was honored as Best In Class in the Legal category by the Interactive Media Council in 2018

Davey Awards was honored by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts as a Gold Award Winner in 2018

W3 Awards

The Young Conaway website was honored by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts as a Silver Award Winner in 2018

New Logo and Brand Improvements

To help position Young Conaway as progressive and modern, a new graphic identity was created for the firm. This includes a new logo design, fresh brand imagery, a new typeface, and a reimagining of how its portrait photography is displayed.

Geo-Targeted Homepage Content

The website uses geo-location technology to offer targeted content based on the user’s geographic position, down to the zip code. Visitors from outside of Delaware are shown homepage messaging and imagery that speak to national concerns, while visitors within Delaware are shown locally focused content.

Dynamic Content Teasing

The website is equipped with Great Jakes’s new Dynamic Sidebar Tool. This feature allows firms to easily create and manage sidebar content, including “suggested content” teasers that keep site visitors engaged (and reading). The suggested content can be manually curated, or the feature can be set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest relevant content.

Attorney and Service Microsites

The website features Attorney Microsites—a unique approach to lawyer bios that was pioneered by Great Jakes. Attorney microsites are, essentially, small websites for each attorney that fit within the firm’s larger website. Attorney microsites can be customized to the specific business development needs of each attorney and contain any number of pages or type of content. For a great example of how the firm is using the attorney microsite functionality, see William Bowser. Our microsite technology was also deployed for the firm’s Services. For a great example, visit Debtor/Corporate Restructuring.

Matters Database

A comprehensive experience database was built into the website’s content management system. The database enables the firm to easily capture, sort, and search thousands of matters. Some of these records are publicly displayed on the website, though most are hidden from view. All matters in the database can be easily exported to Microsoft Word files for use in proposals and other printed materials.

Marquee Photo Shoot

In order to make an emotional connection with potential clients, the website’s homepage features large, engaging photos of attorneys “in action.” Additionally, the site includes photos of the firm’s one-of-a-kind headquarters, the historic Daniel L. Hermann Courthouse in downtown Wilmington. Photos were taken by nationally acclaimed photographer Peter Olson during a three-day photo shoot that was planned and art-directed by Great Jakes.