Whitepaper: ‘High-engagement’ Law Firm Websites

Next-generation law firm websites will maximize visitor engagement by automatically promoting the firm’s most valuable content. 2 comments

Law firm websites have a great deal in common with news websites like and Both types of website are chock full of smart, insightful writing. And both types of websites are most effective when their visitors are highly engaged—consuming one page after another. There is, however, one big difference. Most law firm websites are not built for engagement.

At Great Jakes, we have studied how leading news and professional firm websites (like and maximize their visitor engagement. Our research has led us to craft a whitepaper on how law firms can leverage similar techniques.

An excerpt from the whitepaper:

As the market for legal services has become more competitive, law firms have begun creating more content as a means of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. As a result, they are now seeing their websites as “publishing platforms” that are meant to

(a) be a repository for all of their reputation-enhancing content, including their blog posts, and

(b) maximize the exposure and impact of that content.

In short, as firms invest in developing more content, they are looking to maximize the return on that investment. So, it only makes sense that there is now increased interest in content-teasing tools that help to maximize the chance that visitors will read the firm’s best reputation-enhancing content.

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