Patterson Belknap Launches New Website

One of the world's most elite law firms, Patterson Belknap, launched a new website designed and developed by Great Jakes. Unique features of the site include

  • New Logo + Brand Refresh – As part of this project, Great Jakes redesigned the firm’s logo and graphic identity. The fresh and modern brand-look was specifically designed for maximum impact on digital media and on social media applications. The firm’s visual identity also features new typography and added colors to the firm's palette.
  • New “Continuous Scroll” Attorney Microsite Format – The website also includes the newest iteration of Great Jakes’s attorney and practice area “microsite” functionality. This new version uses continuous scroll in order to vastly reduce the number of clicks required to engage with the firm’s content. For an example of how the firm is using this capability, see the bio for William Cavanaugh, Jr. and the Complex Commercial Actions practice area.
  • ReactJS – The new Patterson Belknap website was built using a cutting-edge web technology called ReactJS, which makes it one of the most advanced law firm websites in the world. ReactJS is a front-end technology that allows for lightning-fast page loads, elegant page transitions, improved security, and much more.
  • Content Teasing + Integrated Blogs – The website includes the seamless integration of 10 blogs, and Great Jakes’s industry-leading User Engagement Toolbox, which automatically promotes the firm’s newest and best content in sidebars and page footers throughout the website.