Pryor Cashman

The Firm: Pryor Cashman is a New York City-based firm that proudly embraces the label “Midsize.”

The Challenge: Pryor Cashman has a size, structure, and culture that are tailored to the specific needs of its client base: dynamic, fast-growing, trend-setting companies. The firm has dubbed its unique approach The Midsize Advantage, and it needed a striking website that would embody this approach and distinguish the firm from look-alike competitors.

Horizon Interactive Awards

The Pryor Cashman website was honored as Best In Category (Legal) by the 19th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards

AVA Digital Awards was honored as a Platinum Winner in 2021 by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals

Webby Awards was honored as a Nominee by the 25th Annual Webby Awards in the Websites and Mobile Sites: Law category. 

Animated Page Transitions

The website was built with animated page transitions, which make the website feel both cutting-edge and graceful. This feature is available only to websites built on the newest front-end technology, described in the next section.

Built with React

The Pryor Cashman website was built using React, a cutting-edge website technology that is fast becoming the standard for dynamic websites. React allows for lightning-fast page load, elegant page transitions, and improved security (among other things). To learn more about how React can benefit law firms, read our whitepaper

Industry Focus

Central to Pryor Cashman’s value proposition is its expertise in key industries. To substantiate this expertise, the site features industry microsites that contain an array of reputation-enhancing content like videos, publications, news, and events.

Automatic Content Teasing

The website is built with “dynamic content teasing,” an award-winning feature that helps keep visitors engaged by suggesting relevant content. Teasers can be manually curated or set to “automatic mode,” which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest related content. Content teasers appear within the sidebars as well as in the “Highlights” section located in the footer of every page.

Attorney, Service, and Industry Microsites

The website features “attorney microsites”—a unique approach to lawyer bios that was pioneered by Great Jakes. Attorney microsites are, essentially, small websites for each attorney that fit within the firm’s larger website. Attorney microsites can be customized to the specific business development needs of each attorney and contain any number of pages or type of content. For a great example of how the firm is using the attorney microsite functionality, see Judith Poller or Ilene Farkas. Our microsite technology was also deployed for the firm’s Services and Industries. For a great example of Services, visit Family Law, and for a great example of Industries, visit Music.

Attorney Portrait Photos

To achieve a more modern look and feel, new portrait photos were shot for all attorneys. The large, engaging photos are designed to create an emotional connection with website visitors. The portrait photos were shot by Michael Meyer with creative direction by Great Jakes.

Marquee Photo Shoot

In order to make an emotional connection with potential clients, the website features engaging photos of attorneys “in action.” Photos were shot by nationally acclaimed photographer Peter Olson and art-directed by Great Jakes.

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