The Microsite Approach

Attorney Microsites — the cornerstone of our approach — transform a lawyer’s bio into a rich, flexible platform for developing business. Microsites are essentially, small, highly customizable websites for each attorney that fit within the firm’s larger website. New custom pages can easily be added to suit the specific business development needs of each attorney.

​Microsite pages

An attorney’s microsite is a repository for reputation-enhancing information and can be easily customized to include many different pages that contain practically any type of content (e.g., video, audio, photos, webinars). Microsite page types include:

Microsite pages can contain practically any type of content imaginable.

​Personal Pages

As more and more business is being conducted long distance, lawyers are looking to make an emotional connection with prospective clients over the web. Increasingly, attorneys are creating “Beyond the Office” pages on their microsites to tell a little about their lives outside of the office. Below are a few links to personal pages.

Win Reed's microsite includes a page about his community activities.


Brian's "Out of the Office" page shares details about his travels.  


​Request a Demo

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our unique approach – and the functionality included in our Rainmaker CMS. Please contact Robert Algeri for a demo: 212-699-3684.